Poerty Entry # 1 (And probably my last T3T) Impenetrable World of Mine

My friend forced me to post at least one poem for him to judge. Tch. Anyway, my waterloo in writing is poetry so forgive me. I’m just a little girl of 16 years in¬†existence.

This is actually my performance task when I was in 4th year high school.

Title: Impenetrable World of Mine

People think I’m queer

But I don’t care

They don’t understand me

I’ve been through all the challenges.

They mock me,

Throwing daggers into my soul

They really don’t know

What’s happening inside

Little did they know,

I’ve been through all the obstacles

More than their worldly problems

You can ever imagine

They complained about almost everything

Shame on them

This very person that they exploit,

Is actually dying inside