Fan Fiction Review # 1: Master Please Help Me~

Rate: M

Status: Complete (?)

Genre: Smut/Yaoi/Slash/One Shot

Pairing: DaeJae


Working college student Jung Daehyun lives alone in his apartment, together with his cat Youngjae. He is the only friend of our poor college student until one day, he comes home, the cat gone, leaving a naked cat-man. Mayhem happens when Youngjae the cat-man adjusts his life as a human, such as wearing clothes, taking a dump in the bathroom instead of using his beloved litter box and even masturbating?!?


As I read this fic, I was amused because not all of the AFF writers write an animorph characters, so it is a fresh start. Though the story lacked details (one shot writing anyone?), the author made it exciting by the progression of characters. As of the attitude, Youngjae became sarcastic and rude, not like his usual respectful manners. He even knew how to say bad words to his Master Daehyun! The erotic side of the story is when Daehyun”helped” Youngjae about something.  Got curious? Click the link and read it for yourself~

Rating: 4.5 out of 5




Art Review # 1


(Oh look, Jong’s eyes got bigger -yay- [Photo credits to: Kim Leaño])

Look at this Moon Jong Up fan art by one of my fellow BABY. I just saw this and burst out laughing literally. Yes, it sounds rude but it’s the thought that it counts.

Moon Jongup-hyung, if you happened to see this, well, I hope you appreciate my friend’s effort