My first ever follower

It may sound giddy like a high school student, but I’m happy that someone had mistakenly read my blog and even followed me. I hope that person had read some of my previous posts that may had an obnoxious opinions.

Well then, stranger, thanks for following this blog. Hope you enjoyed and will enjoy this




About Me… Probably

If you happened to stumble upon this blog, well then, how nice of you.

Anyways, this blog is about almost everything; my ramblings, random reviews about almost everything, from albums of a certain artist to artist himself, books to magazines, pens (yes, pens need a review too) to papers (yes, sheets of papers needs a review too)

It also has the (biased) opinions about, well, almost everything. It may give you heart attacks, high blood pressure and the crazy urge to hunt me down and strangle me because of my obnoxious opinions.

Other than that, enjoy and feed your curiosity

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See? Even Choi Minho wants to get into this business (Photo credits as watermarked)