Being a Mother of 4 Kids: FINALLY DONE!

Well, not really “mother”, I just took over them when my mom was gone for a seminar in Palawan. I’ve been taking care of them since I was 3, of course, with a guide of my parents. I’ve been always in charge when they are gone for work. They will hire a maid for her to take care of my 3 (pesky) siblings when I was gone for school, but as soon as I enter our house, I help the maid to take care of them.

But now, since we don’t have an extra helping hand at home, I was in charge, alone. For 5 straight days, no day lasted without shouting at my siblings when they get too pesky (Don’t get me wrong, I have a long strand of patience that get broken once in a while). Sometimes,they won’t listen to my instructions and ended up doing it by myself.

Now my mom’s here, I will get to be lazy again

/bad kid/