EXO- Wolf (Korean Ver.)

It’s been a long time since EXO’s debut, which was last year. Now, fans all over the world are literally screaming their hearts out when this music video had finally hit the Youtube shore. Now here’s my rambling-slash-review about this new song of theirs.

First of, it was teeth-gritting because I really hate everything that was being scratched on the floor. Second, the vocals aren’t that evident. All I can hear is the sound of CD being played all over again and was destroyed. Then I watched the Chinese version, it was cleaner and more polished than the other one. But I don’t get why “I’m a Wolf” and “Ah Sarang Heyo” being related.

That’s all for now


Unsung Heroes, Honored. Or Is It?

This day, May 1, is the Philippines’ Labor Day. We commemorate them by their simple acts of labor. Whether they are fish vendors, janitors, metro aids, and even taho vendor, without them, our place will be a horrible place to live in.

The rest of this entry will be in my native language so bear with me.

Ngayon ay pinagdiriwang ang Araw ng Manggagawa. Inaalala natin ang kanilang marangal na gawain. Well, sabihin na natin na halos walang pagbabago ang nagagawa ng ginagawa nila, pero di natin alam, kung wala sila, wala tayong pagkain, maayos na pagtitirahan, damit at mga basic necessities. Pero sa kasamaang palad, minsan ay pinagmamalupitan sa di malaman na dahilan.

Pero kailangan talaga nila sumikap para sa kanilang pamilya kung hindi, magugutom sila at syempre di pwede iyon. Kaya, humihingi sila ng increase sa sweldo, pero parang ang tagal nang issue na iyon. Di ko malaman kung nagbibingi-bingihan ang gobyerno sa mga hinain ng mga manggagawa. Kahit ako naiinis na din kasi halos walang pagbabago ang nangyayari. Ano na ang nangyari sa pinangakong “tuwid na daan”? T-shit na lang ba tas mawawala na lang parang bula?

Nagkaroon pa ng protesta sa Mendiola ngayon para i-sulong ang taas sahod para sa manggagawa. Habang nagwawalis ako (oo, nagwawalis) narinig ko na parang walang nariring ang government about their pleas in wage hike. I agreed kasi ever since bata pa ako, lagi ko na lang naririnig yang issue na iyan. Pero that’s a different story.



A Bad Day to Start a Week

Today’s supposed to be our first practice for our cover group Secret 101, until my mom decided not to allow us because she just feel like it. I was worried because one, I don’t have a contact number with one of the members and two, I don’t have money to go to our venue. My mom has this annoying habit of involving everyone else in her problems.

Well, this is just my random rambling though.


Being a Mother of 4 Kids: FINALLY DONE!

Well, not really “mother”, I just took over them when my mom was gone for a seminar in Palawan. I’ve been taking care of them since I was 3, of course, with a guide of my parents. I’ve been always in charge when they are gone for work. They will hire a maid for her to take care of my 3 (pesky) siblings when I was gone for school, but as soon as I enter our house, I help the maid to take care of them.

But now, since we don’t have an extra helping hand at home, I was in charge, alone. For 5 straight days, no day lasted without shouting at my siblings when they get too pesky (Don’t get me wrong, I have a long strand of patience that get broken once in a while). Sometimes,they won’t listen to my instructions and ended up doing it by myself.

Now my mom’s here, I will get to be lazy again

/bad kid/



Poerty Entry # 1 (And probably my last T3T) Impenetrable World of Mine

My friend forced me to post at least one poem for him to judge. Tch. Anyway, my waterloo in writing is poetry so forgive me. I’m just a little girl of 16 years in existence.

This is actually my performance task when I was in 4th year high school.

Title: Impenetrable World of Mine

People think I’m queer

But I don’t care

They don’t understand me

I’ve been through all the challenges.

They mock me,

Throwing daggers into my soul

They really don’t know

What’s happening inside

Little did they know,

I’ve been through all the obstacles

More than their worldly problems

You can ever imagine

They complained about almost everything

Shame on them

This very person that they exploit,

Is actually dying inside


Fangirling (and Fanboying) At the Same Time, Helping Kids? Sure Why Not?

Famous K-pop group called B.A.P has it’s own fanbase here in our country. Last April 13, 2013, it held it’s very first gathering called “Attack of the Bunnies”. Sounds cute right? Well, it doesn’t actually involve a large group of cute and cuddly bunnies for us to take care of. That’s because the insignia of the famous boy band is a bunny! But that’s another story.

We didn’t just spazzed and fangirl (or fanboy) about our biases but to help the less unfortunate children as well. The admins collected donation from their fellow BABYs and they enlisted it under a certain team. In case you’re wondering what those teams are, here’s the list:

1. Gummy Bang PH

2. Himchannie Tokkie PH

3. Daehyun Cheesecake PH (long story, don’t ask)

4. Fluffy Youngjae PH (this is where I belong)

5. Zelomatoes PH

6. Moontos PH

It was a tight competition because everybody wants to win a certain prize, that I forgot what it is. The winner was Himchannie Tokkie PH. Unfortunately, the team that I belonged was in the 5th place, but it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we helped the less unfortunate in our own little way.

Now here’s the real point of the story.

We had this ongoing project, which we call “Trend Project”. We would tweet to the members of the B.A.P about our previous project. At May 5, 2013, we will mega tweet about this one.

Here’s the certificate of appreciation from UNICEF


Yay for us~ (Photo Credits to: B.A.P Phil.)

One of my lucky fellow BABY, Faiiye Hubilla, was noticed by the group’s manager, Manager Kang! That’s right~ The guy who documented the group’s struggle to make a signature greeting (SPOILER ALERT!), the fluffy guy who had a girlfriend for years and still not married, I guess -laughs-. Anyway, here’s the screenshot of the tweet


Translation: Manager Kang! We Filipino BABYs donated Php 16, 520 (413,000 Korean Won) to UNICEF Philippines under B.A.P’s name. (And then he replied: Cool!!) (Photo courtesy of B.A.P Phil.)

Not only that, we were featured in a certain website


Another cheers for us~ I can seriously hear Sir Ian’s fanboying about this. Peace out Sir >w< (Photo credits to: Sir Ian)

Even the international fanbase noticed out act


YIPEE~ (Photo courtesy of B.A.P Phil.)

Another evidence that we’ve been recognized all over the world~

Here it is~ Yay~(Photo courtesy of Reen Ueda)

Not only that, a lot of Korean fansites already had the information about this~ Yay for Filipino BABYs~

This proves that we don’t only do fangirling (and fanboying) but also we help others as well. Hope this entry will inspire you~



Fan Fiction Review # 1: Master Please Help Me~

Rate: M

Status: Complete (?)

Genre: Smut/Yaoi/Slash/One Shot

Pairing: DaeJae


Working college student Jung Daehyun lives alone in his apartment, together with his cat Youngjae. He is the only friend of our poor college student until one day, he comes home, the cat gone, leaving a naked cat-man. Mayhem happens when Youngjae the cat-man adjusts his life as a human, such as wearing clothes, taking a dump in the bathroom instead of using his beloved litter box and even masturbating?!?


As I read this fic, I was amused because not all of the AFF writers write an animorph characters, so it is a fresh start. Though the story lacked details (one shot writing anyone?), the author made it exciting by the progression of characters. As of the attitude, Youngjae became sarcastic and rude, not like his usual respectful manners. He even knew how to say bad words to his Master Daehyun! The erotic side of the story is when Daehyun”helped” Youngjae about something.  Got curious? Click the link and read it for yourself~

Rating: 4.5 out of 5